6 Jun 13

Edicions Cotton Flower

Website of my handmade bookbinding project
Edicions Cotton Flower is my personal Craft Bookbinding Project (with Clayton Mitchell). We decided to move it from WordPress.com to a self-hosted WordPress.org blog in order to have a design that better fit our taste and also to make it bilingual (english and catalan). The design is mine, but is based on the theme DePo Masthead, which we’d used up to that point. The website is responsive, that means it adapts to the size of the visualization device.

Visit Edicions Cotton Flower.


15 Mar 13

Somewhere under the Rainbow

Website for Tom Thumb's book about the rainbow gatherings
Web development in WordPress for the website for Tom Thumb‘s new book, Somewhere under the Rainbow that has samples of a few chapters, information about the Rainbow phenomenon and the links to buy it.

Design: Bettina Helmstädt

Go to somewhereundertherainbow.org


11 Mar 13

Wandering Viola


Wandering Viola is a webcomic by Nadine Feghaly and Tom Thumb. The comic is available in English, Spanish and Japanese. Nadine designed the website and I developed the WordPress theme. I was also in charge of the translation from English into Spanish.

DESIGN: Nadine Feghaly

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1 Aug 12

Centre SOM: redesign

Homepage of Centre SOM's new website
Redesign of the Centre SOM’s website, a Barcelona based psychology and psychopedagogy practice. We’ve focussed on a clearer interface, a new space for a blog and a renovated news feed.

Visit CentreSOM.com.